The post crafted below is a guest post that I have written, on the assumption that my article features in the hugely popular, BlogTO. This is a daily weblog, covering all local news and culture in Toronto.
In particular, I believe that my blog would sit well in the City and Culture, Fashion and Style section. There is definite synergy with my blog and other fashion/style posts featuring in this section so I believe that I am already talking to an engaged and interested audience, who I hope will enjoy my post. In addition, design shops are becoming increasingly prominent and popular in Toronto, so there is growing interest in all things design. What makes my post unique is the geographical focus – West Toronto. Enjoy!
Guest post for BlogTO:
Whether you are looking to renovate or rebrand your home, this list covers off the top three need-to-know design shops making waves in Toronto, today.
Number 1: I have a crush on you
Aside from its adorable name, this shop is a gift shop meets gallery, based in Toronto’s Liberty Village. Its founder, Amy Kwong, takes inspiration from her travels and fellow artists, musicians and clothing designers living in the surrounding area. The end result? Truly unique products that are not only functional, but will make you smile. Take the Rob Ford china plate or bowl. Contemporary and smart and with a portion of the proceeds donated to CAMH, what’s not to love?
China plates, Rob Ford
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Number 2: CB2
This store is a modern destination from Crate and Barrel, that first opened its doors in 2000.  With 11 urban stores under its belt in America, CB2 has recently ventured to the North and now you can buy what they claim to be affordable, modern home furnishings, in your very own Toronto. Based out of a lofty show room on 651 Queen Street West, this store covers everything from cutlery to couches, wall art to wine glasses, extraordinary light fixtures to egg timers. Take advantage of their sale through July 20. Good luck bargain hunting!
Finger wall clock
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Number 3: Toronto Designers Market
Last, but by no means least, the Toronto Designers Market. Possibly one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, down to the fact that it only opened its doors on May 31. Located at 1605 Queen St West, this 3000 square foot space features over 30 different designers showcasing their creative masterpieces.
From jewelry to clothing, furniture to household items, this space has it all. And with the space being affordable, you are guaranteed to see the latest raw talent, emerging from the creative designers and entrepreneurs across Canada. The market runs from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 6pm, so get yourself down there and get inspired!
Blue dresser
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