Today I review modern furniture store, CB2 in Toronto. I hope that you will find this review helpful and that it may assist you in narrowing down your interior design hunt.
Pros of CB2: Modern, clean furniture, lighting, accessories and all things ‘house’; ‘affordable’; vibrant display; airy loft; relaxed but helpful staff.
Cons of CB2: Limited back end stock; delivery is not included in the price.
Overall experience: Having moved to Toronto in June 2014 first on my ‘to do’ list was to try and make my house a home. The Queen West area of Toronto is known for its unique furniture shops and after scouting out the various haunts, I can highly recommend CB2. A year on with no need for any more furniture, I still find myself strolling into CB2 on a lazy afternoon. I despise shopping so if you knew me, you would appreciate the significance of this statement.
When my husband and I moved from London, England to Toronto, we made sure that our furniture joined us too.  Our beautiful mid-century modern was shipped across the Atlantic and six weeks later, our condo was beginning to feel somewhat homely.
The major challenge? Lack of lighting.
Major solution: CB2.
Upon entering the store in Queen Street West, my husband and I were greeted by a laid back but helpful sales assistant. For the sake of this post we will call him John. We explained our brief, showed John photographs of the condo and he gently pointed us in the right direction, pointing out the various pros and cons of each lighting fixture. While this may sound slightly dull, it was a huge help to us to know exactly what types of lighting would work well in our space.
Possibly the most important part of the entire process was that John was helpful, but not over bearing. I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about sales assistants who get too involved or influential in the buying process. Being a Brit, it’s still taking a while for me to adjust to the overly zealous north American sales approach! Two hours later, having reviewed every light in the shop as well as discussed the up-coming stock, I felt confident that not only was I buying stylish and unique fixtures, but that these were made of quality. Delivery was a two week lead time and we found this to be true to the day.
The over all experience for me was superb. Gorgeous stock, great customer service and hassle free delivery. If these are also your values, then check out CB2. You may just find that you become a regular!
Exterior of CB2:
Exterior of CB2 on Queen St West
Exterior of CB2 on Queen St West
Rose petal table lamp
Photo of my first CB2 light fixture purchase: the divine rose petal table lamp. Sold out but you can still buy the gorgeous rosie smoke table lamp. While stocks last!