Today I’m looking forward to sharing a rather exceptional corporate interior design blog with you and reviewing just what makes this blog stand out from the rest. Meet decor8.
This blog, launched back in 2006 by Holly Becker, started off as most blogs do. Small. Back then Holly was a design student in Boston. Fast forward 9 years and Holly is now the proud author of a series of best selling books and her blog has become award winning in the world of interior and lifestyle blogs.
So how did she do it?
I think the answer is fairly simple. Holly simply loves what she does but there are some other key ingredients reviewed below.
Personal touch
The site has a really personal voice and it is gentle and mild-mannered. Holly attributes her success to her loyal readers who have helped to share her blog. As bloggers, we all know the importance of sharing posts, and even with Holly’s success, she still doesn’t forget to mention the “little people”.
Digestable text
While we don’t want endless blogs of “the top 5” or “top 10”, sometimes they are necessary. Especially when handing out decorating tips. Holly users a combination of numbers, clear headings and photos to make text informative but easy to digest (see below screengrab).
List screengrab
Beautiful photography & up and coming designers
This site is brimming with drop-dead gorgeous images of beautiful designs and the designers behind them. The images speak for themselves but Holly often introduces up and coming designers too – like the hugely talented British interior designer Luke Edward Hall.
Clear categories
I appreciate a good category and being able to find it with ease. It helps with the user experience and creates a sense of order. On Decor8, categories feature prominently  in the tool bar  and there are 10 distinct categories to choose from (see below screengrab).
Breaking news
If something is trending in the ‘decorate, design and lifestyle’ world, then this blog has it covered. If you are curious or simply need some inspiration, see what’s trending right now. Think factory windows (yes that’s correct). Think fabulous.
Jon Oron
Image source: all images are courtesy of
The site is also hugely shareable across most current and emerging social media platforms, which is a big plus. The site is also optimised for mobile.
Room for improvement
The only challenge is that some articles are a little on the long side so that is one area which could be reviewed as too much text can be off putting to the user.
Aside from that, I really think I’ve stumbled on a great read and I am signing up for the e-newsletter quicker than you can say “remove that hideous wallpaper now”.