I like to think I know a thing or two about property. In the last 10 years I have lived in eight different London, England locations and now I find myself in Toronto, not even a year in, and already itching for my next move. Put simply, I love change and even more than change, I love property. LOVE PROPERTY.
In this blog I will share with you my advice on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of renting and home ownership. Intended for the experienced but young professional, parents are welcome to snoop too, as we all know that the bank of ‘mom and dad’ is playing an increasingly crucial role in all things house.
I will also share tips on how to design a home that reflects who you are, so that when you are home, there is nowhere else you’d rather be. I think it is SO important that your home design is an extension of you and that this shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for the home owner. Everyone has the right to their own oasis, no matter how large or small.
The vibrant neighbourhoods of Toronto will also get a review and I will help match you to the neighbourhood that best suits you, reflects your needs and personality. Whether you’re keen to be near the latest pop up shops and craft beer breweries, local markets or mall, or maybe you prefer a balance that allows you to indulge in your weekend cottage escape? These locations and more will be covered.
I hope my blog will serve as educational and inspiring, and at the very least, allow you to make informed decisions about your future. A home is so much more than bricks and mortar and in today’s economic climate, home ownership may just be the smartest move you’ll ever make. Conversely, the flexibility of renting a property may suit your lifestyle and allow you to pursue passions the previous generation would have only dreamed of.
Confused? Don’t be. Follow Property Monarch and wise up to your options as there’s a big wide world out there!